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Chautauqua Opportunities SITE DIRECTOR/TEACHER in Jamestown, New York


Jamestown, NY ( • Early Care & Education

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Position Data:

Title: Site Director/Teacher

Grade: E7B1 – E7D1 Exempt: _ Non-exempt X _

Immediate Supervisor: Child Care Center Administrator

Basic Function or Position Summary:

Responsible for ensuring the health, safety, and quality of education, for all children in care. Directly accountable for overall operational systems including curriculum implementation, staffing, and regulatory compliance. Serves as lead teacher of one classroom responsible for daily lesson planning and child supervision.Salary $22.08 - $24.26/hourly

Security Clearance:Access Lv 2 V,A, C, R


Position Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

• Supervise, schedule, and evaluate childcare staff.

• Ensure that problems encountered by staff are resolved; review policies or procedures to ensure smooth operation of


• Assist in planning and development of in-service training for staff members.

• Implement program operating policies and activities, ensuring that the center and staff conform to federal, state, and local

policies, regulations, and licensing requirements.

• Maintain positive relationships with partner and regulatory agencies; ensure legal and financial compliance.

• Support and assist in coordinating recruitment and provide guidance on placement of children.

• Ensure records on children enrolled in the program are accurate and up-to-date and include their development, attendance,

immunization, and general health.

• Order and maintain childcare supplies and equipment.

• Where offered, assist in the billing and collection of payments for fee-based child care

• Works cooperatively with staff, parents, and service providers to plan appropriately for children both independently and in


• Plan daily activities and prepare necessary materials for activities in the classroom.

• Observe and record the development of children. Use the information from the records to develop lesson plans according to

the curriculum that meet the needs of each individual child.

• Plan, assign and direct work as part of overall classroom operations; affirm and guide teacher assistants and volunteers;

address complaints, resolve problems and provide feedback on performance evaluations.

• Serve as an advocate for all children including those with special needs.

• Immediately report any concern regarding child abuse/neglect

• Performs daily health checks on each individual child, following up when needed.

• Develop and implement intervention strategies for individual and groups of children based on data.

• Conduct developmental screenings on children as designated.

• Utilizes CAPTAIN for tracking and maintaining all children records along with documentation of individual family contacts.

• Assist families in creating age-appropriate school readiness goals and provide information to achieve identified goals.

• Interactions with families include educational and advocacy training for parents/guardians.

• Conduct two home visits for evaluative purposes and two conferences per year with families.

• Communicate with families on a regular basis through communication books, phone contact, face to face with emphasis on

school readiness.

• Attend all meetings, trainings and parent activities as designated.

• Provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

• Promotes agency and service area missions.

• Incorporate integrated service delivery model while promoting self-sufficiency.

• Participate in the larger team of the agency through committee structures, planning, policy development and volunteerism.

• Plan individual and group activities to stimulate growth across the domains of learning including Language Development,

Literacy Knowledge and Skills, Mathematics Knowledge and Skills, Science Knowledge and Skills, Creative Arts Expression, Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, and Physical Development and Health, Logic and Reasoning, Social Studies knowledge and Skills and English Language Development.

• Model and teach children in practices of personal cleanliness, self care and picking up and putting away toys and books.

• Alternates periods of strenuous activity with periods of rest or light activity to avoid over stimulation and fatigue.

• Provide family style meals while encouraging natural conversation.

• Notifies supervisor following service area procedure regarding customer complaints.

• Present subject matter to students, utilizing variety of methods and techniques incorporating strategies which are

developmentally appropriate and consider attention spans and individual learning styles, such as hands-on, visual, and auditory.

• Participates in and adheres to in ERSEA processes including recruitment as designated.

• Share observations, outcomes and other information with families at home visits, conferences and during classroom

engagement opportunities

• Maintains confidentiality and complies with the code of ethics.

• Other duties as designated by supervisor

Key Working Relationships:

A. Internal: COI Management and staff

B. External: Service providers, Community agencies, Consultants, Volunteers and parents

Supervisory Scope:

1 to 6; Teachers/Teacher Assistants

Organizational Responsibilities:

• Recommend training needs of Teacher Assistants and classroom volunteers.

• Recommend purchase of materials/equipment.

• Maintain, track and submit educational records of children including assessments, observations, self-portraits and writing

samples, ASQ and ASQ/SE screenings, individual goal progress documentation, and for children with special needs: monthly reports, annual review reports, and progress reports.

• Complete monthly reports.

• Adheres to all policies and procedures

Knowledge, Skills Required:

• Bachelor’s Degree (B.S) in Early Childhood Education required

o If a UPK program site, NYS Teacher Certification also required

• One year of full-time teaching experience in early childhood

• One year of supervision experience

• Adequate computer skills required.

• Ability to organize and maintain an appropriate learning environment.

• Ability to work on a team.

• Ability to relate well with families of diverse backgrounds.

• Good verbal and written communication skills.

Special Requirements, (use only ones specific to position):

• Valid Drivers’ license and ability to travel

• Ability to obtain and maintain initial health physical and TB test

• Ability to lift 50 pounds

• Completes all OCFS requirements

• Meets OCFS training requirements and maintains training logs

• Flexibility in work schedule

• Must be able to maintain substantial, individual supervision of children

• Must be able to provide consistent even tempered customer service at all times

• Must be able to provide proof of Covid Vaccine.

• Works compassionately with diverse population

Salary Description

$21.44 - $23.55